A Bald Jesus Drinking Club NFT

is your membership pass into a world like no other.

151 BJDC NFT tokens living o n the Ethereum blockchain.

Benefits will accrue.

Paradise awaits.

1 BJDC = Heaven


A BJDC token gives you access to an exclusive club with amazing alpha, great people, and eternal rewards.

Each BJCD you own is a membership token. We had some astounding and some wacky plans - but the holders chose to scrap them rather than move forward. BJDC have repeatedly been offered the option to steer or take control of this project but so far, this has not happened.…

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and hold a BJDC and you hold some of the most powerful IP ever imagined.


June 2021: and the Bald Jesus Collective launched. The BJC begins forming a
truly community driven and fully inclusive collective of artists. BaldJesusNFT was
whitelisted on the Wax Blockchain and the Bald Jesus Collective launched on OpenSea

July 2021:

First Bald Jesus packs distributed on Wax. Bald Jesus begins appearing on podcasts,
interviews, and gains some traction. Bald Jesus Pirate Club launched by Vagobond
with his rugged pirates from a project he was rugged by.

August 2021:

Component BJDC art pieces created. Bald Jesus Tarot Pack launched. BJC visualizes a
group book based on more than a dozen different artists renditions of Bald Jesus.

September 2021:

Launch of BJDC generative project. Bald Jesus Packs #2 & #3 launched. BJC publishes
first book to the ETH blockchain - The Bald Jesus Stories.

December 2021:

All BJDC holders were dropped OG editions of the OG version of the Holy BJBLE as well
as commemorative Bald Jesus Christmas Art. No cost

January 2022:

Bald Jesus DAO is formed. Members are given the chance to take control of the project.
Bald Jesus Cult, LLC puts out call for 'real name' trustees/board members. No takers.

March 2022:

All BJDC holders were given complete and unrestricted personal and commercial rights
to the Bald Jesus Drinking Club tokens they hold for as long as they hold them.
This is not CCO, you own your rights for as long as you own your tokens in perpetuity.

May 2022:

All BJDC holders were allowlisted for Izita Bears and . Both projects
sold out in record time. No cost to holders.


The Road Map for Bald Jesus Drinking Club was to implement a DAO at 25%. We did that at only 10% and found no interest from holders in taking control.
Sales stalled at 150/777 and our roadmap has been abandoned.
If and when we sell out 100%, we will turn this project over to the holders to determine the path forward.


The BJDC (Bald Jesus Drinking Club) was launched in mid-2021 when a group of friends who enjoy drawing and having laughs with Bald Jesus decided it would be fun to do a Bald Jesus generative NFT project

CD Vagobond has been involved in crypto and blockchain development since 2017. A lifelong passion for alternative economic systems, decentralized mem bership organizations, and secret societies led him to found Bald Jesusism,, and the BJDC.

Bald Jesus is the ultimate in trademarked and copyrighted intellectual property. He holds the keys to the kingdom for those who chose to follow the path!

The Bald Jesus Artists (BJ Artists) have defined a hero for our time in more than a hundred visages..

The future may be a place where the members of the Bald Jesus Drinking Club enjoy their own slice of paradise. Time will tell.